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If you have read through a number of Indian food cookery books, you may have noticed that many recipes ask for ghee. Ghee can be purchased in Indian markets and some grocery stores but it is also very easy to make your own. It is really just clarified butter.

Use blackstrap molasses and honey in your diet. Take two tablespoons of the molasses about an hour or so before bed. It should be one of the most effective home remedies for constipation. Honey is another natural laxative that works slowly. It is a milder option for those who do not want to rush to the bathroom.


Apple Cider Vinegar and lime juice - these 2 types of extracts are also known wart removal home life saving ghee remedies. Just soak a piece of cotton on any of these 2 liquids and apply on the wart and if done continuously, it will slowly melt away. Moreover, the virus causing the warts is also removed by the citric acid of the liquids.

Once the oven is to full heat, heat the ghee and oil in a frying pan. Heat over high heat on the stove. When the ghee and oil begins to smoke slightly and the fish. You want to cook the fish on each side about one minute per side.

Garlic is a popular folk home remedy that can be eaten as fresh chopped garlic or drank as a Garlic Tea. Garlic capsules are a great selling product in all health stores. As a preventive remedy it is used by many people for colds and treating bronchitis and stomach cramps. It is also taken to lower levels of cholesterol.



All the food that you see at an Indian restaurant is manufactured/processed food. A cave man or your great, great, great. great grandparents couldn't have eaten a chicken korma, rice, naan and popadoms. Were your great, great, great, great grandparents overweight? Is a caveman from hundreds of centuries ago overweight? Certainly not. The point I'm trying to make is that in order to get fit, we must eat healthily. Indian food does not come into the healthy category, in fact it is totally the opposite.

These are five of the best home remedies you should try out if you suffer with ghee benefits ayurveda psoriasis in your scalp. However, you need to understand that no natural treatment will permanently cure your condition. As a matter of fact, even the medical community is struggling to cure this problem. You should only use these home remedies for scalp psoriasis to ease your symptoms, and you should seek professional help if you have a severe case of scalp psoriasis.

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